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The Best Pizza POS

  • January 5, 2016
Pizza/Delivery / Pos Software pizza pos

As you probably already know, and if you don’t you should – there are already many product specific POS systems as well as product specific APPS on the market. Although this short article is called PIZZA POS, equally it could just as easily have been called CLOTHING POS, DIY POS. In fact any POS you imagine!

One of the most recent and most profitable offshoots of in-store POS systems has been the advent of the ‘app’.

All the big boys have launched their own apps and if they haven’t, they are in the middle of developing them and there are even entrepreneurs out there who are designing apps which we can use to try and pull small businesses together onto one app in order to help optimise their sales.

When you talk to your POS supplier about designing your own app, it doesn’t matter whether you’re selling tools, food, clothing, decorating materials or anything else, Having it designed just for yourself may be the best investment you have made – and believe me it will be an expensive investment.

I have already expressed my personal view about the disadvantages of all those free POS systems that you can find anywhere on the Internet. The potential problems stem from mostly from the standpoint of training and ongoing maintenance. The same applies to many apps.

There is absolutely nothing to stop you asking for your own personalised app to be designed which fits in with your existing POS system. If you are about to order a new POS system, talk to your supplier about the creation of a mobile friendly app so that you can sell to many more customers than those who have walked into your shop, office or restaurant.

In fact, there is absolutely no harm ( and the incremental cost will be small) in installing TWO POS systems, one for in-store orders and one for deliveries or ‘pay & collect’…..but do make sure that whatever system you have in-store does have efficient reporting routines and facilities so that you can keep an accurate track on what your business is doing.

One of the great problems I have found with shopkeepers is that they have been so focused-in on the business, and often for many years, that they find it difficult to look outwards.

As a local business, you should be thinking in terms of integrating into your community in order to become a centre of influence so that whatever product you are selling, the community at large knows that you are the ‘go to’ business for your specific product.

Knowing the way that people acquire the information these days, you can hopefully understand why it is absolutely vital to have your own mobile app as well as an Internet presence. The days of thumbing through a 6 inch thick Yellow Pages have long gone – Have you seen the thickness of Yellow Pages or your local paper business directory lately?

‘ Dead tree’ marketing is all but over. An up-to-date POS system, preferably with a mobile-friendly app is the future.

However, if your business is in a really small town – for instance if you are say one of two or three restaurants, you may think that you have all the business that you are likely to ever get – and in fact that may well be the case – but remember that not everyone in town has been through your establishment.

That is where the concept of ‘promotions”’ via an app will be of great benefit to you. Telling the locals about one-off offers, discounts etc via an app coupled to social media is by far the easiest and most cost-effective form of marketing that is available to you nowadays.

If you are a restaurant, and have a well-established menu, think about a reduced online menu available through a custom designed app which you then promulgate via Social Media. No more printed fliers or advertisements in the local press for you!

You can also think about an email marketing program, not necessarily designed to sell your products or services but simply to draw people’s attention to your app – and you know the great advantage of people having your app on their smart phone – they are carrying your menus, your products and your services with them all the time.

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