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Mobile Ordering

5 Reasons Revel’s POS with PayPal Is Good for Your Business

  • October 14, 2015
Mobile Ordering

The benefits of Revel System’s iPad POS App integrated with PayPal check-in and ordering in advance including the following:

  1. Customer convenience: Busy customers who need to order food for pickup can do so online, allowing them to order and pick up at their convenience.
  2. Reduced wait times: Online orders are placed in advance for pickup, meaning customers in your restaurant will spend less time waiting in line.
  3. Customizable pickup time: Customers can set pickup times for online orders according to their needs. “ASAP” allows them to order an item for immediate pickup, or they can choose a later time or date. Pickup times are restricted by your business’s hours as set in the backend of your Revel POS, so there’s no worry about customers placing orders to be picked up after your business has closed for the day.
  4. >Mobile ordering: Revel’s online ordering feature is also available via mobile device–your customers on the go will be able to place orders at your restaurant on the go from their mobile devices.
  5. Attracts new customers: Combined with loyalty and reward programs, online ordering is key to building your customer base,as well as attracting new clientele. When utilized with PayPal, you’ll also benefit from PayPal’s millions of customers who can see your business listed in the PayPal app.
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