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Point of Sale Resources

Point-of-Sale with QuickBooks integration.

  • October 28, 2015
Point of Sale Resources pos with quickbooks

All over the world, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of most economies. They are the ones who grow fastest. Obviously the large corporations also endeavour to grow, but they have arrived at their ‘steady-state’, so if any government wants fast growth, it looks to the SMEs.

SMEs tend to be started and run by entrepreneurs and not accountants. The well-known fact is that although entrepreneurs are very good at pulling-in business, their expertise is not centred around accounting.

POS systems are there to help with distribution and record-keeping and there are modules available which enable business people to pick and choose which modules are the most relevant for their business.

However, there is one function which is non-negotiable and that is Accounting. Nowadays, that means a fully functional accounting software package which is specifically tailored and marketed to SMEs.

There are various levels of integration between POS packages and SME-specific accounting software. Of all the many POS suppliers, it is Revel Systems with its iPad-based POS systems for retailers and restaurants which is leading the way.

Several POS suppliers have to some degree, integrated their system with QuickBooks , but it is Revel Systems which has the most complete integration.

Without doubt, QuickBooks is one of the most comprehensive, efficient and well known accounting packages, but more importantly it is geared to SMEs. The system can not only deliver the usual functionality of accepting payments but can also both manage and pay bills, plus it also has all the payroll functions any business will need.

It is one of those packages which can be run by the average layman, without any formal accounts training. That is evident from the fact that QuickBooks now commands over 90% of the SME accounting software market.

Revel Systems identified QuickBooks’ momentum very early on and in the last 12 months has been investing very heavily in designing and marketing the joint product.

QuickBooks 2015 is probably the most advanced accounting package on the market and now forms a very integral part of the Revel Systems POS. It’s a case of the best working with the best.

That means that one of the great and important advancements in modern POS is now available to all Revel Systems customers, and it is bang up to date with Facebook features enabling remote access, outsourcing, electronic payment, and even mapping features by integration with Google Maps.

The SME proprietor can keep an eye on his business from wherever he is.

Revel Systems has had the foresight to design their POS to be accessible on the Apple iPad, which means that a client does not have to necessarily invest in specialised hardware or software to the extent that he might have to with other POS solutions.
This complete package also offers a cloud solution called QuickBooks online, which again is available through the Revel POS.

The other thing to bear in mind is that many POS are often designed for a specific jurisdiction. This is a fully integrated system with cross-border functionality, including an ability to work with the European tax system.

The top accounting software provider, together with the top POS supplier seems like a package not to be missed.

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